Who we Are


To alleviate suffering and to facilitate transformation in low-income communities by being one of the best emergency disaster relief service providers in the Western Cape.


  • Effective and efficient emergency disaster relief management.
  • Active and fast response time to deliver to disaster affected areas.
  • To continually provide valuable input in all food scheme/disaster relief projects we are involved in, to improve overall outcome and effectivity of services delivered.
  • Prompt response to all communication received from the City of Cape Town in regards to disasters that has happened.
  • We envisage facilitating longterm transformation in low-income communities , due to our involvement in community upliftment projects and feeding schemes.
  • To source only the freshest produce (vegetables, fruit, meat) for use in all our cooking preparations for feeding schemes and emergency disaster relief.

South Africa is a land of vast contrast and diversity, where opportunities for individuals in low-income communities are greatly restricted by poverty, crime and poor education.

To aid these historically disadvantaged, low income communities, Ms. Ellen Louw and her father Mr.Gerhard Louw, made a visionary decision in 2003, as part of their willingness to put back into the community by establishing a non-governmental, Section 21 Company, namely HDI Support to address and alleviate many of these factors by means of humanitarian and community outreach.

HDI Support operates locally in South Africa and has touched the lives of thousands of people in disadvantaged communities across South Africa.

Over the years HDI Support has assisted in various disasters throughout South Africa. These include minor shack fires to massive runaway veld fires, to floods, xenophobic attacks as well as providing livelihood opportunities to disadvantaged families. In some cases we also get involved in the building of houses/crèches for victims of disasters, such was the case with the building of a crèche at Sweet Homes to assist the working mothers in having a place for their children to go to when they are at work, thereby assisting them to care for their families.

Our response varies according to the type of disaster but in most cases the methodology and items used are similar. Depending on the type of disaster the response include:

  • Blankets, mattresses.
  • Food parcels/Hampers, high energy and protein supplements.
  • Baby hampers/packs
  • Brunches for lunch and dinner
  • New clothing & used clothing.
  • Bottled water & juices

We pride ourselves in speed and efficiency of response, and in many disasters we are the first to respond. HDI Support works extensively with the South African government in its relief efforts and numerous projects locally across SA.